My greatest woe

So it happened again. Fell for the particular person I told myself I will blacklist force in my heart. Wasn’t really my fault though. He was unnecessarily handsome and dark as drizzling chocolate on donuts🍩🍩. His sweetness was out of the world and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his height and body🤪. Imagine a man who is as dark and tall as Morris Chestnut😜 (imagine that). Staring at him alone made me all wet in my nether region🙈 (no lies).

We met in a cinema hall. We were both on a queue to buy ticket for a blockbuster superhero movie. He was on a queue next to mine. The moment I set my 👀 on him, I couldn’t help but to stare. His 👀 were mesmerizing. My temperature went high a little bit (no lies). He caught me staring and looked at me slyly but I was too busy being lost in his magnificent physique to notice that. He knew he was a beautiful being and that caught my attention.

He asked if I wanted to see the action movie or a comedy. Told him I’m an action movie 🎥 girl and he smiled. In my head I was planning our wedding. He paid for my ticket alongside his. Apparently he was also riding solo like I was.

To be continued……


Most parents do not really understand this but their pressure most times leads to some stupid decisions their kids make.

My pressure to get married started 4 years ago. The need to see grandchildren from my end was much. “Go get married “ . “At your age you should have at least a child” . “See your mates and people younger than you are having children “.

Most times I wanted to bow to the pressure. In fact I did now to that pressure and almost made the greatest mistake of my life.

Thought if I couldn’t make them proud by making money I can at least make them proud by getting married. I was excited no doubt, but then I wasn’t sure I can do it.

The pressure wasn’t really much from my dad because he also got married in his late twenties but mum was always mounting the pressure.

Some nights I stay up and wonder to myself if it really was worth it. Yes my parents’ marriage was “goals” but I kept asking myself if mine will end up being like my parents.

Do I have the patience to endure this marriage? Will I have to adjust to his nasty behavior and some habits? What if he doesn’t like my snoring and teeth grinding? Will he complain about my weight later in life (because he complains sometimes though).

Almost lost my sanity because I wanted to please my parents. They were supportive though and promised to never stop being supportive but that wasn’t the assurance I needed. I need an assurance from him that we will be alright. But I never got that. I rather got a lot of issues everyday from my supposed fiancé.

Mum advised I endured it thinking he’ll change as time goes on. When will this change come…that I can’t tell and certainly don’t know.

A lot ran through my mind. Then I decide “all die be die” . I’d rather be a spinster in my father’s house than to be married and be broken inside.

No shame in being single. I’m single and I’m extremely happy with myself.
Will I get married someday “surely“.

When? I definitely can’t say for now. Just want to stay happy and alive.


I am strong.

Beautiful is what I am.

I am an epitome of joy, fun, peace, love and light.

Always ready to face and conquer life’s challenges is what I am.

I am real, phenomenal, epic, fearless, strong and bold.

I choose life and love everyday.

I am flaw-fully and imperfectly made from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.

I say no to every form of negative vibe and whatever will alter my happiness and peace of mind.

I am a boss lady.

I am mother earth.

I bring life into the world.

I birth life and feed life.

I shine brighter that diamonds.

I reign supreme beyond the stars.


Dear Sister

Dear sister,

You are beautiful beyond beautiful.

You’re lovely beyond lovely.

You are worthy beyond worthy.

You Glow more than light.

You shine more than stars.

Your eyes no matter the color are clearer than the skies of a sunny afternoon.

Your skin shines brighter than diamond.

Your laughter makes the world a better place.

You are the epitome of beauty and grace.

Dear sister you’re are graciously beautiful.

And I bless God for creating you my sister.

Adunnie Ade

I’m Adunnie Ade. Welcome to my blog. I’m a fun and spontaneous person. My blog is an expression of my real self. I love poems and stories alot. I love food and boys. Oh and also movies and music. I’m a picture lover but also a very shy person.

I have loved and have been loved in turn but ingot nothing in return. I have learnt to understand that you get the amount of love you give back. At times it’s not usually the case though because you love a particular person alot and they end up not reciprocating the love back. So I’ve taught myself to love myself more than anyone else aside from my family.

I’m super goofy and very playful. I love being alone but also love hanging out with people. Let’s just say I’m an introverted extrovert. You have to be able to enjoy your own company more than you enjoy people’s.

Anyways welcome to my blog. I am open to all sorts of criticisms and I hope you’ll all support me. Thank you very much.