My greatest woe

So it happened again. Fell for the particular person I told myself I will blacklist force in my heart. Wasn’t really my fault though. He was unnecessarily handsome and dark as drizzling chocolate on donuts🍩🍩. His sweetness was out of the world and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his height and body🤪. Imagine a man who is as dark and tall as Morris Chestnut😜 (imagine that). Staring at him alone made me all wet in my nether region🙈 (no lies).

We met in a cinema hall. We were both on a queue to buy ticket for a blockbuster superhero movie. He was on a queue next to mine. The moment I set my 👀 on him, I couldn’t help but to stare. His 👀 were mesmerizing. My temperature went high a little bit (no lies). He caught me staring and looked at me slyly but I was too busy being lost in his magnificent physique to notice that. He knew he was a beautiful being and that caught my attention.

He asked if I wanted to see the action movie or a comedy. Told him I’m an action movie 🎥 girl and he smiled. In my head I was planning our wedding. He paid for my ticket alongside his. Apparently he was also riding solo like I was.

To be continued……

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